About Us

Curry leaf is shrub or small tree which is widely used in Indian Cooking. Curry Leaves are the native of India and Sri Lanka. Curry Leaf adds taste to curry. They are a rich source of folic acid and iron.

Curry leaf is willing to set a benchmark in the restaurant history of Grand Rapids. We are waiting to serve with the most delicious and highest quality Indian cuisine to our esteemed customers for the best price.

Menu Selection

Curry Leaf offers authentic Indian dishes as diverse and vibrant as the peoples and regions of India. Curry Leaf prepares a selection of savory recipes, drawing from India’s rich culture and culinary traditions. The techniques, spices, seasonings and natural ingredients of Indian cooking have been refined over thousands of years, resulting in a cuisine unlike any other. Each of our menu items are meticulously created in authentic Indian style, using natural spices and ingredients throughout each phase of the preparation process. As a result, Curry Leaf Indian Cuisine’s dishes are lean, low in fat, and healthy. Please visit our restaurant and taste our food, and find out what keeps our customers coming back for more.

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